A.O.C Campus Talent Hunt Present Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Comedy, and Indoor Stunt


A.O.C is a campus talent hunt created to discover talent at the tertiary institution level, majorly in the areas of Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Comedy, and indoor Stunt. The contest is opened to students in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The application form goes at a highly subsidized price of N1, 000 and is non-refundable
after pay. Applicants show follow @9jahustle social media platforms and/or contact numbers on the flier for further details.
What the reason behind this talent hunt? In response to this question, Dipor Exzie, the media platform head was quoted, ‘We have been preparing for this over the years and waiting for the right moment to execute the project.

We don’t want to come up with a poorly organized contest as is noticed among many of the contests we see in the country lately. A.O.C is of a huge magnitude, A.O.C is purposeful and is here to stay. We will start on a very good note and keep getting better at it, we will not allow the standard to drop.

We know we can not do this alone, looking at the size and the reach. We are therefore partnering with a lot of organizations. Partnership is key to put this at the fore front. Corporate bodies and individuals are welcomed to share in this vision”.

(Deadline October 28)

1.      Click on APPLY link (http://www.naijahustle.ng/aoccampustalenthunt/)
2.      Fill the form and make payment
3.      Upload a minute/60 seconds video of your performance to your
Instagram page (after making payment). With only this caption;
*Region, *Your Institution name, *Stage Name, *Contest #9jahustleaoc
(Example; South-East, IMSU, Fleeky, Comedy #9jahustleaoc)

Three (3) winners will emerge from each region, and twelve of these contestants will contest against themselves at the grand finale where the judges will be seen and interacted with. Every contestant is a winner, there are consolation prizes for everyone who participates in
the competition.
3rd Place: N5 Million Naira Management Deal + N3OOK Cash
2nd Place: N10 Million Management Deal + N5OOK Cash
1st Place: N3O Million Management Deal + N1 Million Cash

According to Paul Learner (Director of Paul Learner Events based in Kaduna), the North Central coordinator, “A.O.C Campus Talent Hunt is designed to discover the very best and take such person’s talent to international standard and then exposure.

If organizations are visiting campuses to recruit new staff, we see no reason why stakeholders in the entertaining industry should not do so and even go the extra mile. This is a clarion call to stakeholders of various industries to take good advantage of the qualities of found in these wonderful youths.

The higher institutions are where you get youths with vibrance, high morale and a strong enthusiasm to take good advantage of the new world they will be exposed to”.

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