Annie Idibia Said She Is Done Having Babies

Annie Idibia

Famous showbiz pair, Tuface and Annie Idibia, will not be having any other baby, if words from Annie’s current snap chat are as serious as they sound.

The mother of two adorable daughters obviously smitten by her last daughter was excited over the young beauty and revealed that she is done with the business of making babies.Annie IdibiaShe stated this through her snapchat. It is left to be seen if this resolve will stand given the fact that Annie is so in love with his man so much that she said if anything happens to him, she would die. Secondly, the African belief about having heirs is also a disturbing factor to ponder – most marriages don’t amount to anything because of want of a male child.

Annie’s got five step kids three among who are boys, an indication that the lady might sooner or later consider one or more visits to the labour room. Tuface and Annie Idibia had an on-and-off affair but later wedded four years ago after the superstar singer has had five children with Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba.

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