The Baby Mama Fever Has It Us Big Time And It’s Becoming The Latest Trend In The Nigerian Entertainment Industry.


     Check out the 5 Nigerian big time celebs who have no baby mama.

  1. Don JazzyWith all that money and a musical empire, Don Jazzy should by now be swimming in baby mama scandals and be second in line with 2baba as the father of all nations but the producer and Marvin boss has been able to avoid such.

How he does it? Nobody knows!

  1. D’banjThe Koko master himself! By now D’banj should have fathered at least 11 kids but it seems he loves his bachelor life so much, he isn’t willing to give it up for anything and has managed to avoid been caught in the snares of all this eager babymamas.
  1. Banky WFine boy Banky….. At least if not the money, the fact that he is fine alone should attract have baby mamas queuing to have him father their babies.

Is he just too careful or has he fathered one that we know not about?

  1. IyanyaIyanya who attracts girls like bees to a jar of honey is still single without a love child. Surprised right?
  1. M.IMI Abaga has also decided to fall the hands of single ladies by refusing to be trapped with a child. He has really surprised us all with no baby mama to his name.


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