Be Occupied With His Love: Joseph Prince


“But Pastor Prince, how can I say that I am still the beloved of God when I have failed?” You can because His love for you is constant and unconditional! Are you loved by God because of what you have done? No, it is because of what Jesus has done on the cross! So God will not stop loving you because of what you  have done.

In fact, He loved you when you were still in your mother’s womb and will continue to love you when you see Him face to face. Let me share with you my experience with God’s love when I have failed and blown it. You know, Wendy is a wonderful wife.

Not only is she really beautiful, she’s very wise as well. Sometimes, she makes a certain suggestion to me and when I implement exactly what she suggested, people tell me, “Pastor Prince, this is a brilliant idea!” She really makes me look good.

So obviously, she is really smart. But no matter how wonderful or smart she is, there are times we have “intense discussions” because she does not see “my wisdom”. (You know, we pastors don’t quarrel. We just have “intense discussions” with our spouses.

Also, we never worry. We just have “concerns and apprehensions”.) The worst time to have these “intense discussions” is when we are on our way to church and I have to preach! In the past, these heated discussions would sometimes last for more than a day.

But ever since I discovered how much the Lord loves me, right in the midst of the icy silence that usually follows these intense discussions, I would hear Jesus saying to me, “Son, do you know that in the midst of your anger, I still love you?” Previously, I would not entertain that word from the Lord because I was taught that the moment you get angry or fail, you are out of fellowship with God.

I was taught that the moment I failed, the blessings would disappear and His favor would stop! And because I believed that, it influenced the way I lived my daily life as well as my relationship with my wife. As a result, I used to get even angrier with her because I would blame her for causing me to be out of fellowship with God. So the anger just kept festering and growing.

But I know the truth today. I know that even when I fail, God and I are still “tight” (we are still “cool”, you know what I mean?) because of the blood of Jesus. God still sees me as His beloved. I have the gift of righteousness apart from my performance.

I know that God still loves me, that our fellowship is not broken and that His favor still flows in me. Beloved, there is nothing you can do today to make God love you more, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you any less.

When you fail, that is the time you need to feed on His love for you. Begin to see yourself as the disciple whom Jesus loves. Personalize His love for you the way John did it. He referred to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved” five times in his own gospel! (Get my sermon CD

Becoming A Disciple That Jesus Loves — The Secret Of John. It will definitely bless you!) The sun shines on every blade of grass in a field. But when you personalize God’s love for you, it is like you are taking a magnifying glass and putting it over one blade of grass.

Doing so intensifies the light and heat over that one blade and before long, it will burn. Beloved, it is not enough to know that God loves  everyone . You need to know and believe that He loves  you , and let that revelation burn in your heart, especially when you fail.

And as you keep on feeding on His love for you, His love will start overflowing in you. That’s what I do. When you are full of His love for you, all anger dissipates. Once I had the revelation of His love for me even in the midst of my failures, I found that the “intense discussions” with Wendy became shorter and less frequent, and the love of Christ became more and more real.

Instead of stewing in anger, I found that it became easy for me to turn to Wendy in the midst of our “discussions”, smile at her and quickly reconcile with her. That’s what happens when you are occupied with His love and not your own failures! By the way, today, my wife and I have one of the most exciting marriages on God’s green earth, totally by the grace of God.


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