Jada Pinkett Smith Has Reveal That Marriage Is The Hardest Thing To Do

@naiprom_ Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed the secret to the success of her two-decade union with Will Smith. Speaking to the Loose Women panel, she revealed that been married is the hardest thing to do and admitted couples therapy has helped them through tricky patches in their marriage.
She said:

We celebrate twenty this year. I think the secret is just friendship.@naiprom_ Smith

You have to go off and find your happiness. The hardest thing to do is being married.’Therapy can be an an awesome entry point as far as getting to be where you need to go,’ she said.

People need to go and deal with personal traumas – because with that comes expectations.
‘You expect them to fill voids for you but you need to do that separately. Expecting someone else to make you happy is not right.

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