Consciousness Of Jesus’ Blood Brings Victory


Perhaps you are going through some challenges right now and you are wondering, “How can the blood of Jesus bring me healing, prosperity and victory in my marriage?” My friend, all you need to know is that you are being constantly cleansed of all your sins.

Once you believe that all your sins are indeed forgiven and that God does not hold anything against you, faith will spring forth. Faith will be there for healing. Faith will be there for prosperity. Faith will be there for restoration in your marriage and family.

The continuous washing of Jesus’ blood qualifies you for  any miracle that you need in your life right now. Jesus said to the paralytic man, “Son, your sins are forgiven you,” before He said, “Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.”

Why? Because Jesus knew that unless the man had the assurance that all his sins had been forgiven, he would not have faith to be healed. This is what people need to hear. This is what we need to teach in the church! The devil’s strategy is to make you feel like you are not qualified to enter God’s presence.

He will bombard you with thoughts of condemnation, accusing you of being unworthy for having wrong thoughts or saying harsh words against someone. He will give you a thousand and one reasons why you don’t qualify for God’s blessings.

But the truth is that whatever wrong feelings you had or whatever bad habit you had succumbed to, the blood of Jesus keeps you clean. The blood of Jesus qualifies you to have constant access to the Most High God. Because you are under this waterfall of forgiveness, every prayer that you make avails much.

The blood of Jesus qualifies you to have constant access to the Most High God. We overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb. When Monday comes and Tuesday rolls by, and your pastor is not there to preach to you, do you know what you need to remind yourself of? 1 John 1:7 — “… the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

His blood keeps on keeping on cleansing you from every sin. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, His blood is cleansing you. And any time and every time you pray, your prayer hits the mark.

My friend, cease from depending on your own efforts to maintain your forgiveness and begin to enjoy the extravagant waterfall of God’s forgiveness every moment of the day. You’ll find peace for your soul and the faith to reign in life will well up on the inside of you. You’ll see miracles begin to unfold in your life


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