With All The Trend, I Feel We Can Choose From Diet or disease?


The craze of miraculous diets is all over social media and we can understand the reason.

The Internet is overwhelmed by short-term diet fads, adverts, testimonials and tricks. The traffic on most of these sites is nothing short of phenomenal! And, why not? The average human is not pleased. Yea, not pleased with a lot of things but within this context, we will talk about the displeasure in our looks, our carriage.

So the dark race wants to lighten their complexion and the light race wants to tan, to darken a bit .So the kinky hair wants to be straight, and the straight hair wishes for the volume that the kinky hair had. The insatiable attitude of the average human being is what basically underpins advertisement. They really know how to get us!

The craze of miraculous diets is all over social media and we can understand the reason. WE LOVE FOOD, QED! And honestly if there was a way to keep a great figure while we eat any and everything we want, most of us will not even fall for some of these lies!

I have come to the conclusion that the battle with my weight is going to be “lifelong”, and if I have to enforce a diet style it will have to become a habit, yes, a lifelong one. I console myself by thinking o the absolute wreck less life I lived, within the diet context, that is!

As a teenager my consumption of sugar was unbelievable. I consumed a minimum of 8 bottles of Coca-Cola and even boasted about this to my peers (talk about being short sighted). If therefore, I have to live a sugarless lifestyle for the rest of my sojourn here, I think its plain justice.

I look at it this way, I have consumed all the sugar that was tied to my life span, and I did this in my youth, LOL!

Okay, having said that, I have carefully studied some of the diets that I undertook, in the bid to look “tight”! Looking back, I see how desperate I must have been and how easy it is for these diet fads to create thousands of followers based on one or two “testimonies”.

My mind goes to a certain “Movie Star “, who advertised a locally made bathing soap, hmmm..and we are supposed to believe that is what she uses to make her skin smooth ? Obviously not! In the same vein, a number of the “testimonies” that emanate from diet forums don’t inform us about the OTHER actions they took that is not in line with the principles behind their diet.

Okay, maybe I am a bit bitter from my experiences of failed diet attempts, but I honestly believe that short term diets, just pay the tickets for your fat cells to go on a long vacation..to the Bahamas..and  “every good thing comes to an end “, as they say. Before this planned short-term diet vacation, the fat cells will be saying to you, in the voice of Terminator’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back “!



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