Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: Dangerous Addiction [Episode 38]


Ifechi is having a dream involving all the men playing different roles in her life, all of them having a go at her at the same time.

Derah fucked me from behind as I continued to service Ogo, Derah started slowly, but then he increased the force of his thrusts. He kept the tempo slow, but rammed his cock hard into my cunt with our bodies slapping

together with each thrust, the force of his thrusts causing me to arch forward.

Each time I did, my mouth was forced deeper down on Ogo’s cock causing me to gag slightly, with my husband fucking me from behind/under me and my mouth wrapped around Ogo’s massive cock, I was sexual heaven and I couldn’t get enough.

After a few minutes of this, Derah pulled his cock out of my dripping slit, this time I turned to look as I figured he ws going to cum on me and I wanted to see the cum shoot from his delicious cock.

To my dismay, Derah was not cumming, instead he motioned me to come closer to him, I let go of Ogo’s cock as I backed up a bit, Derah pushed gently on my hips and turned me around getting me on all fours with Ogo’s cock in my face and my ass and pussy in the air pointed towards Derah.

I took Ogo’s cock in my mouth immediately and started sucking him, Derah got behind me. I felt more pressure against the lips of my now dripping pussy as Derah pressed his cockhead against me. I became incredibly excited as I had been waiting for so long to get Derah to fuck me for days now. Derah continued the pressure as I continued to lick Ogo’s shaft up and down, while Derah applied more pressure to my slick hole.

I jerked as Derah pierced my soul with his cock and filled me up slowly and torturously pulling in and out.

“Oh fuck!” I called out as the cock slid not too easily inside and out stretching the walls of my pussy. how had Derah gotten even bigger than he already was before? It was like nothing I had ever felt, the way Derah was completely filling my pussy was unbelievable and the sensation was indescribable. I thought I would cum after the first thrust.

“Oh shit!” I continued as I heard Derah groan like an animal behind me, squeezing my ass tight which I was sure would leave marks but at that moment I didn’t care. After Derah had bottomed his cock in my pussy, he pulled it back and slowly entered again.

“Oh fuck!!!” I cried out again, louder as he pushed in harder this time, bottoming his cockhead deep inside me again.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so fucking big, so fucking good” I moaned over Ogo’s cock, Derah wordlessly continued slowly fucking his cock in and out of my pussy. the walls of my cunt stretched and then gripped tightly on the huge shaft.

“Fuck!” I would call out each time Derah thrust forward, he increased his tempo again and I would moan louder each time. Ogo got down from where he stood and proceeded to climb under me to take my breasts. The banging became faster and I soon lost control with my responses,

“fuck…fuck…oh shit…goooooosh…oh fuck…!!”

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I couldn’t contain myself, moments later I cried out “fuck! I am fucking cumming!” as I burst into a riveting orgasm, my whole body shook with immeasurable pleasure. As I came, Derah continued ramming his cock deep inside me, deeper than anything I could have ever imagined. Just as my orgasm I subsided, I cried out “Oh shit, I think I am fucking cumming again” which made Ogo chuckled under me and tug at the nipple he sucked with his teeth.

The sensations became far too much for me and I exploded with another orgasm even stronger than the first, I almost blacked out from the sensation. Giving me a break, Derah pulled out from my pussy with a soft moan and then I collapsed on the bed rolling over on my back. Ogo moved over in front of me spreading my legs apart, lowered his cock to my pussy and began fucking me again.

As Ogo fucked away at my pussy, Derah moved over and dangled his engorged member near my head. I turned my face to the side and swallowed the cock and Derah proceeded to slowly fuck my face as Ogo rammed rapidly within me. At the moment I loved being filled and used like a dirty sex toy by these two gorgeous men.

After a few minutes, Ogo pulled out and moved up towards my head and Derah took the position recently vacated by Ogo and began fucking me wildly again, I was out of breath now and trying my best to stay alive. I put Ogo’s cock in my mouth once I had caught my breath and enjoyed the moans and enjoyed the moans as I sucked and sucked.

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They continued fucking me like this for a while, each man would fuck my pussy for a few minutes then hand over to the next one for him to take a go while the other took my mouth. I never wanted this to stop, half way through Ogo’s next turn at my pussy he began to grunt and moan so sexily he suddenly pulled his cock out of my pussy and lunged forward dumping a huge load of cum on my breasts. With four full blasts, he successfully covered a good portion of my full breasts.

After Ogo was spent, he rolled over next to me with his hips near my head. Derah then took his turn again at my pussy, as he fucked me I played with Ogo’s cum on my breasts, rubbing it all over my chest and nipples licking some off my fingers slowly which made Derah groan as he watched me. He started fucking me harder as I teased him with my little show.

Soon I started to scream out again as he thrust so hard it hit my pelvis every damn time.

“Oh fuuuuuuuckkk!!!!” I moaned out loudly, my screams became louder and louder as the thrusts his harder and harder. I was losing control as the assault continued, I turned my face to my side and pulled Ogo’s hip rolling him on his side towards me and desperately took his half hard cock in my mouth, I knew he was spent and wouldn’t be getting hard anytime soon but I needed his cock in my mouth to muffle my screams.

I came again with another mind blowing and powerful orgasm while Derah continued fucking me hard then started to groan himself, after a few more thrusts, Derah pulled his massive cock from my stretched pussy then leaned forward and exploded.

The first thick stream of cum landed on my chest just above my breast, the second landed on a nipple and trickled down that breast, the third covered the entire length of my stomach then the fourth shot of sticky cum landed just below my belly-button and streamed down close to the top of my pussy slit, draping my inner thighs with cum. I wriggled in excitement as Derah smiled down at me clearly satisfied.

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I opened my eyes to find myself enclosed in strong, hard arms. I looked up and my eyes met Derah’s I had been having a dream?! It was so fucking real and my pussy was so fucking wet. He looked down at me and without a word bent down to kiss me, his hand that had rested protectively over my protruding belly now moving down towards my pussy slit.

I moaned in his mouth as he went down between the lips and rubbed the area slowly, then he came up for air.


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