Exclusive Interview: Do You Know That The First Electric Motorcycle, Fuel Free Tricycle, Fuel Free Generator And Many More Creativity, Are Invention Of A Nigerian Right Here In Nigeria?


Ambassador Michael Friday is a graduate of Electrical Electronic and ICT from the University of Technology Malaysia; he is also M.Sc. graduate from the University of Liverpool.

He is an inventor, scientist, innovator, astute entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He is also an inventive IT Engineer who has been behind the scene making and creating innovative technology, more of Electrical Electronic.As far as he can remember, he has been a while in this journey of innovations. Is the Managing Director, VIVID, a company that is geared towards IT engineering, manufacturing and design. He has a lot of invention that are very raw to the technology world of today.Some of these innovations are first creatively built Automobile Home, Advanced Technology Sound Equipment, Air Conditioners, Electric Motorcycle, Fuel free Tricycle, Fuel free Generator, Battery TV, and Battery among other innovations yet to be out.

Naiprom.com team had a wonderful time together with Ambassador Michael’s Wife and Ambassador Phil Robert who gave us a nice treat as we dig deep into the world of Technology, talking more about his inventions and the challenges and also the way forward.

Below is the interview proper:

Can you please tell us how this creative invention all started?

It all started while in secondary school. I remember my first innovation then, I got my hands burnt in the process by the toxic chemical from the batteries. Thereafter I went ahead to study Electrical Electronic Engineering in the University. But sometimes in 2006 I designed my first ipad (Tablet) and Laptops with special features, even before Steve Jobs came up with his Apple Ipad in 2008 or so.

As a matter of fact, the day I saw his Ipad being launched on CNN, I wept for more than two days, why because; I started developing my Ipad since 2006. It was the first pad that has double OS, and then was android and windows. It was the first handy Pad ever designed in the world. The first Ipad ever designed with fingerprint.

But when it was time for me to mass produce, I realized these multinational companies would do 2 million to 10 million pieces before the price can be friendly. And I from this end could not even do even a one thousand complete pieces successfully.

Even my laptop, in 2007 was very popular in Abuja, but because there was no money I was unable to mass produce. And when I brought the prize down, as at that time, you can imagine me selling the laptop for 250,000. But if I don’t do that, I wouldn’t have recovered my money invested in it.

So we were unable to turn over and there was no support from the government either, eventually we were out of business. Then the pad, I went to US for pated because I applied for pated in Nigeria here but it was not forthcoming at the end. Until one day, I was just watching CNN and I saw Steve Jobs came out with his first ipad.

I screamed on top of my voice, he said and went ahead to explain how he paid about 3000 Us dollars to do the fingerprint for him on his laptop and at that time there were no one in the world that has it but him. In fact all the companies including china told him, you have a wonderful idea but we can’t do it.

So he ended up getting this and that from different companies and put all together himself since he read mechanical engineering

Please tell us about Vivid:

Vivid is a technology with capabilities in designing, developing, manufacturing bespoke appliances and innovation design set up to proffer solutions to the world Electronic industry. It is a group of companies with a portfolio that ranges from consumer-focused, convergent solutions to professionalism, and quality in all her products.

Vivid Soundz:

Is a sub-brand for vivid group, one of Nigeria’s leading providers of complete solution in developing high-end professional Audio, Video, Lighting and Projection technology.

The company also produces daylight illumination grade photosensitive halogen, LED flood and street light, Air Conditioners, Automobile Home, Battery TV, Battery, Electric Motorcycle, Fuel-free Tricycle, Fuel-free Generator, customized sound equipment to serve outdoor and indoor events, road shows/carnivals, campaigns etc.

They also provide services and solutions to large worship auditorium, political rallies, church crusades, musical concert, conference halls, wedding and other entertainment events across Nigeria.

Her are all images of there past event and equipment


Our major clientele are top Gospel Ministries in Nigeria and across Africa such as Living Faith Church, Redeemed Christian Church, Deeper Life Church, private organization among others. Some of our technological innovations include etc.

Tell us more about this Automobiles and Motorcycles:

By the grace of God, our Company has built several Automobiles and Motorcycles products that are yet to be officially launched. One of which is the first creatively built “Automobile Home” luxuriously furnished for the comfort of the users. Everything you can find in a Standard apartment such as bedroom with unique fittings, comfortable Sofa, kitchen with Standard cooker, refrigerator with deep freezer, mini-bar, bathtub, TV, Power generator, Sound System and many more.He said, we have had top personalities such as Pastor Adeboye of RCCG, Acting President Osinbajo, Bishop Oyedepo, among others have used it for several outreaches. We innovated a fuel free Tricycle that generates its power/energy by just driving it, which you can equally use this Tricycle to power your home after daily use.There is also electric power bike that you charge with electric power and you just drive to wherever you are going. All these products are clean energy products that meet global standards.Some of our innovations will be officially launched into the market by October this year, God’s willing. But we are currently working on mass production so that all Nigerians can benefit from these amazing products.

With all this mention, am sure there are challenges facing there productions?

The unfortunate thing that has been happening to us in Nigeria is that we don’t have an enabling environment to innovate and develop our own technology. Is a very pathetic story to tell that the day.

In our beloved country Nigeria, we have great numbers of creative and amazing citizens who are up to great things with their hands, but if only an enabling environment and structure could be made available, it will be hard for other countries to compete with us in terms of innovation.

Power is currently a major challenge for most innovations in Nigeria. Others are sourcing for raw materials for mass production as well as funding, always bear it in mind that bringing up innovation especially Science and Technology is often capital intensive from the research to the final products.

What advice can you give to the creative and innovative tech coming up?

They must stay committed, determined and focused in whatever field of science and technology they choose.

They should look beyond what is happening around them now and be optimistic that someday their innovations will compete at the international level.

Above all, governments need to put in place, structures to encourage more young talents and innovators in Science and Technology.






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