7 Questions That Needed Answers In The Fourth Season Of Power

Fourth Season

When the teasers for the fourth season of “Power” showed James “Ghost” St. Patrick in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, viewers were sure that’s the worst that could happen to the former drug dealer.

Does Tariq get to avenge his twin sister’s death? Check out 7 best moments from “Power” season 4 finale.Fourth Season

However, it was the bullet that ended Raina’s life during the penultimate episode of the season that plunged the St. Patricks into their darkest moment.

Raina was killed outside her school dance after she confronted the cop Ray Ray, who was harassing her twin brother, Tariq.

The season finale titled “You Can’t Fix This” aired on Sunday, September 3, 2017, and Pulse Movies has put together seven best moments from the episode.

1. Tariq sets out to avenge his twin sister’s death

Still scared of telling his parents that Raine was killed because of him, Tariq takes his mother’s gun and bullets from the safe and goes in search of Dre.

He threatens to tell everyone that Dre pawned him off if he doesn’t tell him where to find Ray Ray.

Dre finally gave him an address in Washington Heights.

2. Ghost and Tommy attack Jimenez

Ghost and Tommy think the Jimenez gang killed Raina, so they go on a killing rampage at Toros Locos. They torture Uriel, who insists that Jimenez doesn’t kill children.

However, he tells Tommy that Dre had Julio killed and was manipulating the business behind his back.

Kanan also calls and informs Tommy that since Tariq is asking for Ray Ray’s whereabouts, Ray Ray is probably the one who killed Raina.

3. Tasha and Angela finally shared a screen that wasn’t antagonistic

When Tasha discovers that her son and some of her bullets are missing, she immediately goes to Angela for help – she wants her to do a trace on Tariq’s phone without involving the police.

Angela helps her but warns Tasha against retaliating against Ray Ray.

4. Tariq is officially a murderer

Jamie, Tommy and Tasha arrive at Ray Ray’s location, but Tariq is already on his way up the elevator. While Ghost struggles to get into the building, Tariq uses his school ID to break into the place.

He walks in on Ray Ray who is packing money in a bag and ready to leave town. A nervous Tariq raises the gun at Ray Ray, who taunts him into pulling the trigger, confident that he won’t.

Seconds later, a gunshot is heard. The adults finally find their way into the apartment to see a dead Ray Ray.

They clean up the evidence and cover Tariq’s cover.

“I’m not sorry”, Tariq told his mother. “I’m not either”, she replied.

5. Goodbye Father Callahan

For some unexplainable reasons, Father Callahan meets with Dre to tell him that he knows about Julio and wants out.

Unfortunately, Dre puts an end to his life, killing him.

6. Tasha takes the fall for Tariq’s crime

Angela visits the murder scene where she finds a bullet in a bullet hole in the wall. She wants ballistics run on it.

And considering that this is a registered gun, we all know Tasha would be needing a lawyer next season.

She also knows this, so she admits to Silver that she mistakenly killed the person who killed Raina. She hands him a check.

Apparently, she figures she needs a lawyer more than a lover next season.

7. The Reunion

KANAN, Tommy and Ghost reunite to take down Dre. As the latter ends his meeting with the Jimenez, he has no idea he is being watched.

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