Gold Investment That Can Earn You 1m In A Month


We Are Talking About Swiss Gold Business:

Swissgolden is a webshop that trades in investment gold bars of Switzerland and Germany manufacturers. It was registered on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands and launched in the market on February 1, 2013. Its administrative offices are located in London.

The company has been working for 5 years already. ( 2years + in Nigeria). Partners of the company take part in the International Exhibition of Precious Metals in Munich.

Swissgolden deals with the best refineries of gold bars, i.e. Valcambi, Degussa & Argor-Heraues and the vault VIA MAT in Switzerland which are known & respected around the world.

SWISSSGOLDEN has now been licensed to refine It’s own branded GOLD & other related precious metals. It has a registration which can be verified. You can ask me for the link & the instruction on how to do it.

While the company exists, there was no fact of fraud or deceiving of customers. People from 110 countries around the world take part in the Bonus Program & they already got rewards from the company.

On YouTube channel, there are videos about thousands of partners & records of conferences in different countries, also how the gold of the company delivered & sold in shops.

Payments go through European banks. The rewards of partners come from the turnover of gold, from difference in wholesale & retail prices.

There are no investments, just a prepayment for your order as in any shop. To know more how you can make business in our company, ask me directly starting with questions about business.

Reasons why the Swissgolden business opportunity remains the best: First, the Product we are discussing here is 24-karat Gold bars (purest you can find in the world)…Everyone loves Gold…

The bonus program is the EASIEST i’ve ever seen. It really pays fast without too much effort when you have the right clients in your team.

No autoship; No continuous referal to stay in the business, all you need is TWO clients who desire to SUCCEED in this business (Clients that value GOLD)…

Also, no one loses his cash investing in Swissgolden…. You can opt out and get your full refund or you can verify your account and sell to a new client who wishes to do the business.

Yes you must sponsor two clients. One is entitled to earn when he is heading a main board and his 2 clients are with him on the main board and the board fills up it splits and he earns.

Also the difference between swissgolden and all other networking business is everybody earns no matter how long because no one can earn without the 2 people he invited to the business on the main table


There are 4 types of investment  programs provided by Swissgolden :

The Start Program 💥 Preliminary Start Table 46k

The Main Program
💥 Preliminary Main Table 120k

The VIP Program
💥 Preliminary VIP Table 600k

The VIP Plus Program
💥 Preliminary VIP Plus Table 2mil

Preliminary table is for people who don’t have the complete money to start into the main table now the money earned will be used to plug them into the main table

NB: All money earned from the preliminary table is unavailable to cash out but will be used to plug you into the main tables.

Having successfully cycled out of the preliminary tables of each program, which means you had your 2 direct referrals amongst the 6 people on the table with you, the company would pay you the attached payout and  automatically upgrade you to the main program from the payout.

Remember, the essence of the preliminary entry is for you to raise funds for the main program.

On joining the main program, you would receive a welcome pack which would contain 1gram of gold as well as some materials explaining the business.

At this point, you would be considered a client of the company, you would also have some balance of gold valued in euros left in your account with Swissgolden.

So many people made their millions already and this investment never stops. There are many other testimonies. Join now and leave ponzi scheme. They are designed to serve us for a little time and they end up stealing our money.

Let’s face real investment and make our millions.

Over 105 countries are enjoying investment with Swissgolden. With just 46,000 naira or 75€ come and learn your way to financial freedom.

Discover how to start up your own online business and be earning thousands everyday, quit jumping from one ponzi scheme to another. What would you say to the legitimate business opportunity that guarantees you the financial freedom you always wanted.

You can make good money daily by starting your own online business using Facebook, whatsapp, telegram etc. All you need is your phone or computer(strictly networking, no stress)

Swissgolden is an international business, so anybody from any part of the world can freely participate. It is NOT a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ and it is NOT ‘Multilevel Marketing, MLM’ scheme.

It is striking to note that nobody joins the business from the bottom. Rather each new partner starts from the top – with three orders/places already filled from the bottom; it takes 7 orders for each table to be completed.

Swissgolden is NOT a ‘ponzi scheme’ or ‘scam’. Interestingly, it is on record that no single payment failure is recorded against the company so far. Indeed for any interested person, reliant company business credentials, activities, records and procedure are open for inspection and can be obtained on request.

All Partners work as a team, and indeed as team leaders; giving critical support to one another, to help all committed Partners succeed in the business. If you have the patience to read through this presentation to this point, we sincerely thank you, and want to believe that you are interested in the business and would soon become part of the team.

Please contact me for further guidance/assistance. It is very crucial that you use the link to join the broadcast platform for your registration because Swissgolden is strictly a referral program.

As such, every Partner or Customer of the Swissgolden Gold Bullion online shop is required to refer/sponsor two buyers, as a minimum condition for the 90 per cent profit earnings.

You can ask your questions on our telegram broadcast platform or call 08035274763







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