Jisola Benson: Relentless service to the less privileged, a priority

Jisola Benson

Jisola Benson has severally said that the Government should not be left alone  to cater for the never ending and insatiable needs of the less privileged and the needy, no matter how well intentioned they are.

Jisola Benson knows that human needs especially for shelter, food, clothing and other necessities are in high demand among youths, but she has now extended her attention to those seemingly forgotten in remote areas, and even to the elderly.

The crippling economy is increasingly making it worse for the masses to live an average life. Jisola Benson urges not only the government at all levels,but even corporate organisations and her affluent friends and associates, to see the rendering of social services to the needy, as their corporate, social and civic responsibility.

The people have been fortunate to have one of their own, Jisola Benson , a fun loving but empathetic business woman and entrepreneur who has consistently come to people’s aid in her own little way, rescuing most of them from the plague of poverty. Although she tries to be extremely modest, her selfless service is greatly appreciated by the vast beneficiaries whose lives she has touched.

Jisola Benson is what you can term non-plastic, truly down to earth and hardly deterred person. She buries herself resolutely into her goals, irrespective of negativity from any quarters. When recently opportuned to accompany Jisola Benson to different downtrodden places she has sowed into, you can hear in various local dialects, songs of appreciation for a woman who has never occupied any political space or appointment, but privately spends her time and the hard earned money she makes as a single parent and strongly driven female, in empowering those who we always refer to as the Real Nigerian People.

Jisola Benson believes that the time is now more than ever, for financially comfortable Nigerians to break out of their cocoon and lend a helping hand to those in heavy financial discomfort. She really does not believe in publicity or politicising her philanthropic gestures to poor, neither does she have affiliation with any political party. She believes it’s a service to God and to humanity. She sees it as the norm, the ideal thing to do.

In fact, according to her, rendering social services to those in need, is her topmost priority. She says she got that benevolent nature from her late mother and “will not stop until” she drops.

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