Lifestyle: Meet the Nigerian couple who found love in Libyan migrant camp


Nigerian couple find love in Libya detention camp.

Not all about the Libyan migration issue is bad

A Nigerian couple find love and have child in Libyan detention camp before final return to Nigeria.

While Libya and African migrants have drawn a lot of attention for a negative reason, this couple has turned it into a positive situation by finding love.

The couple Mabel Emmanuel and Steven Ekhiator, in an interview with BBC News Pidgin, described how their romance began in a detention camp for African migrants in Libya.

Their relationship began when Mabel needed to call her mother to request for money and asked to use Steven’s mobile phone.

After Mabel had called her mother and been told the bad news that her mother could not send her money she became tearful.

Steven asked her and amidst Mabel’s tears, he volunteered to pay off all her debts which he did.

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"I must confess, I fell in love,” he told BBC News Pidgin. "You can’t determine your wife-to-be, where you can find her, it can just happen suddenly."

Months later, Mabel and Steven had their son, David in the same detention camp.

The Nigerian lovebirds are among 401 Nigerians who returned home on two flights which were sponsored by the Nigerian government on 5 December.

Over 4,000 Nigerian citizens have been returned from Libya in the last 10 months alone.

Many other citizens from West African countries have also put themselves at risk by boarding unsafe boats and trekking through the Sahara to get to Europe in search of greener pastures.

Steven commented that "Libya is a terrible country, I won’t advise anyone to think about the place, or talk about going."

Although Steven does not regret meeting Mabel, neither of them ever sees themselves embarking on such a journey again.

His partner, Mabel spoke with BBC News Pidgin after their arrival in Nigeria she said she is happy to be home. Also on their son David, she said she is looking forward to raising her son with Steven.

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