Make Money Driving UBER

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Enjoy Flexible Hours And Potentially Make Good Money.

~ Every trip you make is been track by Uber App to enable provision of your earnings.

~ You can drive your own car using the Uber app to find riders or you can get a partner who want you to drive his/her car through Uber.

~ you will need to set your own schedule on when you wish to drive.


“Upon Signing Up To Drive With Uber. There Are Benefit You Will Enjoy”

  • With Uber you can choose your own hours to work: Whether it’s 2 hours a day or 10 hours a day, you choose how many hours you want to work and what time you want to work.
  • Is there a JOB that can allow you take the whole month off if you need too? There really isn’t another job out there that will let you take a month off from work without having to ask for permission and then letting you come back like nothing has happened.
  • Guess What? Uber can and as a driver you can take a whole month off if you choose too. No one will ask why!!!

You will discover places and those hidden popular hangs out you always hear of. Plus, you can’t forget about all the people that you talk to during your Uber rides that will give you a few pointers on the best surging areas and fun activities located around town. And everyone has a different perspective.


All You Need Do Is Sign Up Today With My Referral Code And Qualify For A Guaranteed $100 To $200 In Total Payout After Your First 20 Trips.


Always the ride you want

The best way to get wherever you’re going

Safety Is What Uber Stand For:

From start to finish, a ride you can trust

Your safety is important to us before, during, and after every trip. That’s why we continue to develop technology that helps make millions of rides safer every day.



Very Easy Steps

Buy A Compliant Car

Uber accepts 4-door saloon cars aged from 2008 or newer. There are rumours that they will accept cars from 2005/2006 in good condition, but take the car to be inspected before you put money down for it, so that you don’t get caught out.

To increase your profit margin, buy the cheapest and the most compliant car you can find.

Petrol consumption is also a big issue, so you want a saloon with a small engine, otherwise your driver will spend all the money on petrol and won’t be able to make payments.

You will seize the car from him and the next driver will do the same. You will think that your village people are sending you bad drivers, but it’s not them – it’s the car. Choose wisely.

Personally, I like to look at vehicles online first, because that way, I can save a lot of time by quickly making comparisons and deciding on a suitable car profile.

Online you can compare 5 cars in 10 minutes and quickly make a decision, but if you went to the car shop, you would probably spend 1 hour comparing 5 cars. Once you purchase the car, then you move to the next step.

Book For Vehicle Inspection

You will need to take your vehicle for an independent inspection before it can be put on the Uber network. This is basically Uber’s own MOT program, using it’s own agents to ensure that standards are maintained across the board.

To get your vehicle inspected, you will need to book an inspection online. Use one of the links below to book a 20-minute appointment that suits you.


If you do fail the vehicle inspection for any reason, you will be given a list of things to fix before you retake the inspection. If this happens, don’t be too disappointed, because Uber will offer your next inspection (at the same center) for free.

Once you’re done with the vehicle inspection, you will be issued with a vehicle inspection certificate which you will need for the next stage. You Get Sign Up, If You Are Ready:

Register Here

Find a driving partner

Now, you need to find a credible driver who you can trust to make the full payment on your vehicle. From now on, all the costs incurred by your vehicle – petrol, insurance, fees can be classed as running costs. Most successful partners first scout for a driver by offering the vehicle as a rental vehicle for the first month.

This will give you both time to get to know each other, and if you are a new partner, this will give you a feel of the estimated costs for running your vehicle – average petrol costs, maintenance costs if any, estimated take home pay etc.

You need to remember that drivers who are ready-to-go on the platform must have gone through a series of checks to obtain their state driving licenses, as well as Uber’s in-house background check, so the likelihood of someone running away with your vehicle is slim.

From now on, all the costs incurred by your vehicle – petrol, insurance, fees can be classed as running costs. Most successful partners first scout for a driver by offering the vehicle as a rental vehicle for the first month.

This will give you both time to get to know each other, and if you are a new partner, this will give you a feel of the estimated costs for running your vehicle – average petrol costs, maintenance costs if any, estimated take home pay etc.

I wouldn’t advise signing a hire purchase contract straight away. Get to know the driver first. In this time, you can offer him a rental arrangement of something like N30,000 weekly. Whatever he or she earns above that is his/hers to keep.

After the trial period, if you are still happy with the driver, offer the hire purchase option. Depending on the vehicle you have, N40,000 weekly returns can pay off a N2m vehicle in 1 year.

It now becomes the drivers responsibility to take care of all the running costs of the vehicle, as the vehicle will become his at the end of the term.

One important thing to do is documentation. Do not underestimate the importance of documenting everything.

If anything goes wrong, documentation might be the only thing you have to fall back on. You need a legal agreement at the point where the keys change hands, and you need a system to record all your payments made by the driver.

Sign Up And Register with the link

Register Here

What To Expect

Things To Put In Considerations

Uber provides just the software to connect drivers with riders, and so the company doesn’t own any vehicles. This is where partnership comes in.

People make money on the Uber platform by driving their cars themselves and picking up Uber customers, or putting a fleet of cars on the Uber network and hiring drivers to drive them. The easiest and most affordable way to do it is to drive for yourself on Uber.

It is a great earning opportunity for you as a driver, it enable you become self-employed and as such, you have complete control over what hours you work. 

You can adjust your availability to suit you, and the company only sends you customers during your available hours. But the more time and effort you put, brings more money to your bank account weekly.

There is also no need to haggle prices with customers as fare prices are determined by the app, and are automatically calculated based on the distance and time. Uber takes a 20% commission and credits your bank account at the end of each week with your earnings.

You Want To Register As An Uber Partner?

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Do So:

  • Register as a vehicle owner planning to employ someone to drive

  • Register as a vehicle owner who wants to drive

  • Register as a driver with no access to a vehicle

If the second and third is the category you fall on, then you need to register through


And you will need a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • A 2006 or newer car in very good condition, which Uber will require that you bring in for an inspection.
  • Your drivers license (for ID purposes)
  • Your third-party vehicle insurance certificate
  • Your vehicle inspection clearance papers

    Get More Information About Uber

The Popular Question Is: What is Uber?

Uber is a technologically-driven taxi company which helps customers hail comfortable taxis from anywhere, using just a Smartphone Application. The customer downloads the Uber app on his/her phone and when a taxi is required, just pushes a button to request one.

Using a special algorithm, the app then matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate. The app also automatically charges the customers registered card and the driver also gets paid directly into his bank account weekly, so no cash ever needs to be exchanged, except the rider apply to pay with cash after the ride, the customer receives a fare breakdown by e-mail.

This job has no BOSS to answer to. You are your own BOSS. You decide on what to do and how, when you solely choose to drive. You want to be a partner with Uber?


You want to get update on the kind of vehicle Uber accept?

Here Are The List

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