Mental health…….losing a loved one


If you don't feel any better then seek support.

It was unrealistic that someone could pass on within split seconds and so it hit me very hard, I became depressed, I was in denial.

For a while have been thinking of etching about mental health. Well I didn't see the need to do so until I got my share.

 Mental health is not a prominent illness, at least not in this part of the world, the exact is not known but there are causative factors which are biological, psychological and environmental.

I fall under the psychological factor of mental health as this happened when I lost a loved one. It was unrealistic that someone could pass on within split seconds and so it hit me very hard. I became depressed. I was in denial.

I had to stay well because it was tearing at the best of me, so I basically did these things (well I'm still doing it and it's working);

CRY. Cry all you want, As much as I didn't want to cry I was in denial, I was destabilized but the moment I cried out loud I felt better, so let it all out instead of raging inside it's okay to cry.

STAY ACTIVE. This helped me a lot instead of crying and staying behind closed doors feeling depressed (though doctors would prescribe anti-depressants for unhappiness) but I didn't want to be dependent on any form of medication so I worked out in the mornings and stayed active in the midst of people.

I had to be realistic and understand myself. Losing a loved one is inevitable. You don't see it coming, so you just have to cope. It's very hard since it's just memories you have of the person now.

Being realistic and understanding yourself will go a long way in helping you accept your situation rather than being in self denial because when you keep being in a state of self denial you keep being hurt and depressed so you have to be realistic. Accept the situation, then you start coping.

I did all within and I felt better, but if you don't feel any better then seek support,

If you realise it's somewhat out of your control, it is okay to ask for help.

You can do this by remaining positive and surround yourself with a group of supportive people.


Written by Oladipupo Theodora Taiwo.

I'm Oladipupo Theodora Taiwo of I am a health lover and nature lover I etch down things that catches my fancy so other amazing people like yourself can know about it, I love to sensitize people about their health and stop stigmatization in the society.

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