Nigerian Christians: Here is why you should never expect these 3 things from your pastor


Say after me, ‘I will no longer expect these three things from any Man of God.’

Pastors in Nigeria are highly respected people.

So respected that a lot of Christians place them on pedestals and begin to treat them as demi-gods.

By doing this, they forget that these pastors are just humans, yes they are anointed but they are still just human beings.

When this happens, they run the risk of expecting the following things:


total  knowledge (wisdom) and

24-hour encouragement and comfort

Here is why expecting these three things is a waste of time.


It makes no sense to expect your pastor to be perfect, he is human after all (Numbers 20:12). If you would not expect or get perfection from yourself, a fellow human being, why should you get the same from your spiritual leader?

Yes, they are anointed, but they are still human. As long as they are in their human form, they are prone to mistakes too. So, cut them some slack.

Total knowledge (wisdom)

Some Christians make the mistake of thinking that their pastors must, better still should know everything. He is supposed to know the entire Bible and even know what you say before you open your mouth.

Guys, it just does not work that way. As we said earlier, they are humans too, meaning they simply do not know everything. Only God does, so look to Him.

24-hour encouragement and comfort

A lot of people see their ministers as ATM that is supposed to dispense encouragement and say things you want to hear 24/7.

Once again, you would be wrong to do this because it just does not work that way. These men get frustrated and face life’s challenges too which makes it unfair and inconsiderate of us, the church, to expect them to cater to our feelings every day of every week.


Pastors are just like us. They may have answered God’s call but it does not change the fact that they are still humans.

Here is why you should never expect these 3 things from your pastor

There is nothing wrong with honouring and respecting them but we should never forget that they are just like us too.


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