One Of My Fans Got Me Seriously Scared: MI


It was like a scene from Terminator 2. Remember where Mercury Man was chasing Sarah and John Connor on foot while they were fleeing for their lives in a car?

The lady followed us to the car, almost got in before we zoomed off and chased my car for over 200 metres on foot before we could escape. At some point, I thought she was going to actually catch up with my car and grab me!

Her speed was amazing! I was scared because I had never seen anything like that in my life. From the moment I started performing, she stood in front of me and was screaming, ‘MI, MI’.

Throughout the entire show I kept telling her, ‘don’t worry I’m going to bring you on stage. I finally brought her on stage and as soon as she did, she raised up her blouse like she was taking it off and the next thing I saw were her boobs! Immediately, the crowd and bodyguards pounced on her and kicked her off the stage but she was not discouraged.


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