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Start with something you like,(Find a Niche) a passion, hobby or something you are interested in learning. Go to the Google keyword tool and research keywords. Make sure you follow your passions, not profits. Your passion will bring profits. You will become more frustrated trying to promote something you’re not interested in.@naiprom_ Passion

Note that having your own blog will do a whole lot for you and for your personality. A change in your lifestyle and a way to stay on top of news. Few are as follows:

Advance Your Career

As innovative and technological advancements continue to develop in our digital-based world, more employers than ever before are turning to online resources; such as social media platforms and blogs to discover new talent.

If you are seeking to advance your career, you may utilize a blog to outline your skills, specific talents and expound on your life experiences that you possess.

Start a New Business

If you are an entrepreneur and have a desire to start a new business, you will need to build your brand and accumulate trust among others in your industry, as well as your potential customers. Blogging will allow you to do all of that, and more!

A blog is a highly-productive method of engaging with your target audience and even those that may have a future vested interest in your business such as investors.

Connect and Engage with Potential Clients

If you have an existing business, you may start a blog and use it boost conversion and sales by connecting and engaging with former, active and potential clients.

You may blog about your products, services, offers and discounts! Start a blog for your business and start to broadcast each aspect of your existing business.

If you want to know how to start a blog, here are few practical steps on how to start a successful blog:

Blog about Your Passion

The most profitable niche will be one that you’re actually passionate about. This will keep you motivated as you build your blogging business from the ground up. You want to have a niche that you can easily write about indefinitely and regularly.

Share Your Knowledge, Skill, or Life Experience

Your skills, knowledge, and life experience are valuable. Make a list of the knowledge you possess and the skills you have. They can offer a great niche idea that will prove lucrative for you by simply turning one of those items into a blog that will help other people.

Follow the Money – Learn a New Skill

Some of the most profitable niches include loans, credit cards, gaming, digital cameras, mortgages, mobile phones, and finance. You can always learn a new skill to get involved in a niche that is already lucrative.

Most bloggers do not immediately know what they want to share with other people. It’s important to find a niche if you want to succeed blogging. Keeping your blog in a niche makes it easier for you to stay on task and it’s easier for readers to find you.

Once you have a niche to blog about, you’ll have direction and focus for your blog, making it easier for you and your visitors to easily define and understand the purpose of your blog.

What is your passion? Are you excited to express your passion through writings?

Can you help people by doing what you love to do? Maybe you’ve learnt how to take care those people having dementia. As a trained caregiver, you really want to help people with dementia and also educate families how to take care of dementia patients at home.

Maybe you have taken a catering course since you have the passion for cooking. You have known how to cook many recipes. Do you want to help other people to learn how to cook?

Suppose you have a passion for buying, renovating and selling houses. You’ve been buying and renovating houses to sell and in the process, you’ve learned a lot.

There are people who will love to learn what you’ve already learned. It doesn’t matter what your passion, you can start a blog and use it to help others by sharing your experience and expertise. As long as you have passion, this is a worthy purpose.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Choose and here is why:

Availability of Numerous WordPress Plugins and Themes

WordPress is an open-source content management platform. This means that just about every developer could contribute to it. WordPress users get dozens of plugins and website themes to choose from.

Many of the themes and plugins are free. Even the ones that come with a paid or a premium version are much more affordable than custom website development.

Unlimited Customization Options

WordPress provides unlimited customization options. You can begin with a plain and basic theme. By adding plugins and widgets to it, you can transform the simplistic appearance and functionality to correspond to the blog idea you have in mind.

To do the customization, you don’t need familiarity with code. There’s an intuitive content management system (CMS) and many plugins feature easy to use menus or even drag and drop editing panels. Using these tools, you can put together a complex project without needing the assistance of a website designer or a developer.

Updates and Support

Since it’s an open-source platform, WordPress benefits from constant security and functionality upgrades. Bugs and shortcomings are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner, giving you a website that’s safe from hacking and malware.

You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge and experience in order to launch a WordPress blog. If you face some issues during the setup or the operation, you’ll get adequate and easy to follow suggestions that will help you deal with the problem.

Choose the Right Domain Name

Keep Domain Names and Email Separate from Web Hosting Service And Here Is Why:

Avoid a Single Point of Failure

If your provider goes down, you lose your hosting, your e-mail, and your domain name in a single swipe. Keeping them separate prevents that from happening.

If there is a long service outage, your whole business could be down for days at a time. Your entire website becomes ineffective until your hosting provider has everything back up and running. Meanwhile you could be losing a lot of money.

Have an Added Layer of Security

When everything is lumped together, hackers have an easier time gaining access to all your information from one central place. By breaking things down, you delay and prevent them from gaining more access than they should.

Gain More Freedom and Organization Options

If you have a lot of websites and domain names, you can choose to keep your domain names in a single place for easier management. You should move your websites to different web hosting companies according to each individual website web hosting needs.

This way you avoid getting locked into web hosting packages that costs you a fortune, simply for the convenience of keeping your domain and website together.

Our simplified step-by-step guide on how to start a blog the right way will help you eliminate the common blogging mistake of using a free domain name. In this step, you’re going to learn how to register a domain name for your blog.

The right domain name will brand your blog. Let the name you choose for your blog create the right impression as to what your blog is all about. Let’s again use the example we had used in step one – cooking as your passion.

Now that you have identified your passion is cooking, you should use a keyword tool to find a keyword that is profitable. The keyword should be related to your passion (cooking).

The keyword should not be too general or too narrow in that there are hardly people searching for it on the internet. If you find that ‘Healthy Cooking Recipes’ is a keyword that is profitable, then you should choose it.

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Notice that the keyword contains the word ‘Cooking’ which describes your passion. People will know that if they visit your blog, they’ll are going to learn how to cook healthy recipes.

Choose Web Hosting Provider

Make Sure You Put This Factors When Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company


The speed at which your web pages load is essential to the success of your website. If your website loads slowly, you’ll have visitors leave your site. Your website should load in just seconds. Ensure that the webhost offers a high-speed connection to ensure your website loads quickly so as to keep visitors on your site.


A good web hosting company provides top notch security to protect your website. Choose web hosting plan that provides high security for private, personal, and financial data that is transferred on your site. They should be using SSL or other secure servers to ensure that your data and that of your visitors is always kept safe.


Choose a web host with a track record of providing good technical support. If your site ever goes down, you’ll want to make sure you can contact your host and talk to a live person immediately. You also want to ensure that the support staff can get your website up and running quickly if there’s a problem.

You’ll need to host your WordPress blog. There are many web hosting companies that provide WordPress hosting service. Choosing the right hosting provider and plan for your WordPress blog can be intimidating. The good folks at WordPress recommend Bluehost web hosting company.

A good web hosting company not only stores your blog and its content on their servers, but also makes sure that your blog is available and accessible to the world 99.999% of the time. One common web hosting mistake you want to avoid is to choose a free hosted WordPress blog service as opposed to a paid web hosting service for a business blog.

If your intention is to turn your blog into a profitable online business. It’s important to make sure you choose the best web hosting service because your business depends on good hosting services. Before you decide on the webhost for your website, Make sure they provide fast, secure and good customer support.

Install Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is free, open source software. You can download and begin using it immediately. Thankfully there are two relatively simple ways that you can go about it.

The Famous 5 Minute WordPress Installation

This method is for intermediate to advanced users. You will need a web host provider with cPanel access for loading WordPress and creating a database.

Experienced users and those who have the time to learn prefer to install WordPress. However if you don’t have time to perform these steps, then you may want to…

Hire a WordPress Development Specialist

The biggest advantage of working with a specialist is that they will be able to install WordPress and have your site up and running within the shortest possible timeframe.

They can develop themes that incorporate your company branding, and they can also install the right plugins that will add value and functionality to your website.

Most importantly, a professional developer will be able to install security solutions that protect your site from hackers and rogue software. If You Need One Email Us @

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