So Lovely! Here Are The 4 Best Foods To Eat When Next You Visit Ghana


Ghana is a beautiful and brimming West African country that is rich in culture, tradition and delicious cuisines.

A lot of Ghana’s culture reflects in its local cuisines and you can clearly see the brilliant way Ghanaians induce the use of local crops and food sources to produce their tasty and mouth-watering cuisines.

Naijaloaded, the leading Nigerian Music & Entertainment website, shares 4 awesome and best cuisines to eat when in Ghana.


1. Banku

This is a popular traditional Ghanaian dish that basically consists of cooked fermented corn, which is served as orange sized balls along with often highly and deliciously spiced soup or sauce and fried fish or meat.

Banku is frequently served alongside boiled rice, fried plantain or yam.

2. Waakye

This delicious meal is pronounced by the Ghanaians as ‘Wa Chi’.

This meal shows the love of Ghanaians for rice and beans and is one of the spicy Ghanaian foods that can be eaten with either fried fish, egg, spaghetti or fried chicken.

Waakye is really one Ghanaian dish you shouldn’t miss eating when you’re in Ghana. It offers a truly memorable culinary experience for your taste buds.

3. Kyinkyinga

This is a popular street food in Ghana and is one of those foods that best portrays the ‘taste of Ghana’.

Kyinkyinga is basically beef kebab and is typically prepared using steak meat or liver and is crusted with peanut flour.

The meat is typically first marinated in chilli marinade and coated with peanut flour, before it is cooked on skewers that are placed vertically in front of a fire.

The peanut floor gives the kebab a crunchy texture, and the sweetness of the flour helps to counterbalance the spicyness of the chilli marinade.

4. Shoko

This is Ghanaian beef and spinach stew and is another awesome meal from Ghana.

This is one traditional Ghanaian meal that has remained significant and popular over the years.

It is an easy to prepare meal that is also very affordable. It’s ‘hearty, spicy and full of greens’, which makes it a very healthy meal option.

It basically consists of a combination of red tomatoes, peppers, leafy green spinach and of course beef.



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