Success Beyond Your Circumstances


The presence of Jesus is all that you need. It is exciting to enjoy His presence daily in everything that you do. The Bible records the story of a group of friends who broke through the rooftop of a house, so that they could bypass the crowds that were blocking their way to Jesus, and bring their paralytic friend before Jesus to be healed.

I love that “whatever it takes” spirit to be in the presence of Jesus. But you know what? Today, we don’t have to climb mountains, swim vast oceans or even break through rooftops to be in His presence.

Right where you are, Jesus, your Immanuel, is with you! There is a powerful rhetorical question in the Bible and I encourage you to memorize it: If God is for us, who can be against us? —Romans 8:31

It is unfortunate that there are still some believers today wondering, “Is God really for me?” Well, my friend, the Word of God does NOT say “maybe God is for us” or “hopefully, God is for us.”

It simply says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Indeed, when God is for you, what opposition can succeed against you? When God Himself fights for you, defends you and vindicates you, what adversity or adversary can stand against you?

There are none! Hallelujah! “But if I may ask, how did God come to be on our side? Even though I am a Christian today, I still fail and fall short of God’s holy standards. I still lose my temper on the road now and then, and from time to time, I still get angry with my wife and kids.

Why should God be on my side when I fail? Don’t you know that God’s holy?” Great question. Let me tell you why. The answer is found at the cross. The blood that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, shed on the cross put God on your side.

Today, God can be for you even when you fail because Jesus’ blood has washed you whiter than snow! Have you seen Cecil DeMille’s movie, The Ten Commandments, or the animation, The Prince Of Egypt? Do you remember what happened on the night of the Passover? The children of Israel put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts.

What did the blood do? The blood put God on their side! None of the families who had applied blood on their doorposts had to fear the death of their firstborn children. God is for you today because of the blood of the perfect Lamb Jesus Christ.

Now, think about this for a moment. Were the firstborn children of Israel spared that night because of their perfect behavior and conduct, or were they spared because of the blood of the lamb? Of course, it was because of the blood of the lamb!

In the same way, God does not bless you, as a new covenant believer, based on your perfect behavior and conduct. He is for you today because of the blood of the perfect Lamb Jesus Christ.

That is why as believers today, we don’t have to fight for ourselves. I like to say it this way: “If God is for us, who can come successfully against us?” Always remember that God is on your side today because of Jesus’ blood.

His holiness and righteousness that men are afraid of are now on your side because of Jesus’ blood. His unmerited favor is on your side and all of heaven’s resources are yours because of Jesus’ blood! Now, who can come against you? No sickness, no disease, no creditor, no evil accusation, no gossip—no weapon formed against you, can come successfully against you!

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